Precision Part and Tool Design/Build

Molds , Dies , Fixtures , and Tools... Design and tooling to fit your specific requirements

Part and Tooling Design

  • Full part design and/or assistance to improve your part's structural, cosmetic, and cost-efficiency requirements
  • Use of ProEngineer® state of-the-art software providing full three dimensional solid modeling
  • Full mold, die, and fixture design for your approval
  • University degreed engineers providing years of design expertise
  • Ability to provide 3-D printed prototype models
  • Engineering feedback with molding /stamping departments to continually improve design and production processes

Injection Mold and Stamping Die Production

  • Many years of experience in tool-building; our average toolmaker has over 25 years of experience in the trade
  • Building World-Class tools, designed for years of quality production
  • Use of CNC lathes, CNC machining center, CNC EDM, Wire EDM
  • Conventional mills, boring machines, grinders
  • Complete in-house mold finishing including texturing, polishing, lettering and logo imprinting
  • Building mold types including:
    • Hot /Insulated runner molds
    • Stack molds
    • Unscrewing molds
    • Insert molds
    • Cam / Hydraulic core pull molds
  • Building die types including:
    • Compound dies
    • Progressive dies
    • Blank /pierce /cutoff dies