Global Impact


Being a family-owned small/medium sized business operating out of Omaha, Nebraska, it is hard to imagine that Dimatic can have a global reach, however, our employees have worked hard to make excellent quality product and spread our name, so that our products can not only be found throughout the Midwest, but throughout the world.

Dimatic has become an international company, with products that can be found across the globe.  Parts produced in our molding department can be found on irrigation center-pivot systems as far away as Dubai.  Panel covers made at Dimatic can be found throughout Mexico.  Edible dog bones made at Dimatic can be found being enjoyed by dogs in India.  Molded control boxes are used throughout Europe.  Likewise, our custom line of pulleys can be found across the globe.

Through years of excellent products, increased international trade, and remaining open to new opportunities, Dimatic has truly become an international company.