Company History


Dimatic Die & Tool Company has excelled in manufacturing since 1961, and currently employs approximately 60 people at its Omaha plant of over 67,000 square feet.  Robert Drvol and Guenter Sobeck founded Dimatic in South Omaha as a two-person tool and die shop in 1961.   They had previously worked together for years as toolmakers.  At the start, Robert and Guenter gathered enough money to purchase two machines and found a building to start their company on 13th Street, across from Sokol Auditorium.  In 1968, Dimatic expanded into the production stamping and production machining areas, and soon began the production molding of plastic resins.  Strong steady growth has served Dimatic well over the years.  In 1978, Dimatic moved to their current facility located at 9520 North 48th Street in Omaha.  Since that time, they have expanded their facilities to the current structure.  An emphasis on customer service and building tools and parts the right way has resulted in a stable and long-standing base of customers.

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Beginning in 1980, three of Mr. Drvol’s sons were added to the business in different capacities.  Gregg Drvol is a Mechanical Engineering graduate and is now responsible for the engineering, design, and tooling staff.  Dan Drvol has a degree in Business Administration, and is now responsible for the personnel and the injection molding production areas.  Scott Drvol is an Industrial Engineering graduate and is now President with additional responsibilities over the Production Stamping department.  Mr. Sobeck retired from Dimatic in 1989 and Robert Drvol retired in 1995. 

Since that time, two of Robert Drvol's grandsons have been added to the business.  Brett Drvol is a Mechanical Engineer graduate and now works with design and tooling.  Ryan Drvol is also a Mechanical Engineer graduate and now works with quoting, design, and tooling.

As management and personnel has changed, Dimatic rapidly advanced into the computer age of manufacturing.  With complete CAD/CAM systems, CNC machinery, and process controlled machinery, Dimatic has become an excellent supplier for companies in many industries.  Dimatic now has four primary centers of business, which nicely blend to satisfy customers’ needs.  The areas are Design/Tooling, Custom Plastic Injection Molding, Custom Steel Stamping/Pulleys, and Production Machining.

Dimatic’s Design/Tooling Department is responsible for piece part design, mold, die, and fixture design, and the actual construction of these tools.  With a completely integrated CAD/CAM system (ProEngineer), along with EDM, Wire EDM, CNC turning centers, CNC machining centers, and conventional equipment, Dimatic has many capabilities.  Dimatic’s engineers and toolmakers have many years of experience in the field, and build tools of critical design and tight tolerances.  Additionally, production machining and turning in quantities of two to fifty thousand are processed.  Customers are in many diversified industries and include Cardwell Westinghouse, Valmont Industries, Honeywell International, and Weasler Engineering among with many others.

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Dimatic’s second department is Plastic Injection Molding, where plastics are processed in (20) injection molding machines ranging in size from 55 through 500 tons. Many types of plastics are processed to serve as a full service molder.  Materials range from polyethylene through the latest nylon and engineering grade blends.   Part weights range from extremely small to 76 ounces of plastic.  Dimatic molds precision parts for the communications, electronics, computer controls, pet food,  medical, industrial equipment, agriculture, and cosmetics industries.  Customers include Honeywell International, Sergeant’s Pet Products, Telex Communications, Nagl Manufacturing, and many others.

Dimatic’s Stamping/Pulley department produces production stamped and formed items in a wide variety of styles.  Stamping presses here range up to 150 tons, and several other production processes are completed here including broaching, welding, spot-welding, drill/tapping, along with many other assembly operations.  Over thirty years ago, Dimatic designed and built its first pulley, and now pulleys account for over 70 % of this department’s production.   These pulleys are used on Lawn/Garden, Overhead Door, Conveyor, Agricultural, Industrial and many other types of equipment.  Customers include Weasler Engineering, Steiner Turf, Homelite/Textron, Country Home Products, Case International, Hutchinson Division, and many others. 

Dimatic’s Quality System oversees the entire operation of its plant.  The Dimatic quality plan is based on the principles of ISO 9002, and is tailored to meet specific needs of both the processes and customers, which Dimatic serves. Quality products are an essential part of Dimatic’s long-term plans.

Dimatic generates its sales through a combination of inside sales work, the collaboration of Independent Sales Representatives, and customer recommendations.  Dimatic attributes its steady growth over the past 50 years to a very strong base of skilled employees, and a commitment to designing and building absolute top-quality tools for long, consistent production.  Dimatic is poised to purchase additional capital equipment as the need arises, and with its latest building expansion, has room for further growth at its present facility.  As design, machining, production, and quality technologies change, Dimatic will continue to lead the industry in the applications of these methods and systems.