Warehouse Advantages


At Dimatic, we pride ourselves in providing various services to our customers in order to help them be successful.  One such way we have done this is through the use of our warehouse.  By utilizing our 20,000 square foot warehouse, we are able to provide several advantages to our customers that can help them save money, hit deadlines, and quickly respond to the fluctuating needs of everyday business.

By manufacturing products in one lot and storing them in our warehouse, we are able to save customers money during production by reducing set-up cost, and providing parts as they are needed.  In addition, customers can rest easy knowing their products will be safely stored in our warehouse, which is equipped with a security system and loaded sprinklers. 

We offer blanket orders, kan-ban, and forecast commitments, all to fit the needs of those we work with.  We are able to provide special drop-shipments from our warehouse as well as professional packaging. 


If you have any questions about how warehousing your parts can be beneficial to your company or would like to see our facility, please contact us.  We would love to hear from you!

Use our warehouse and you can say goodbye to lead times on last-minutes jobs and say hello to cost savings and just-in-time delivery.  Whether you have 10 parts, or 1,000,000, our warehouse helps provide you with a solution to save money, hit deadlines, and respond to the demands of modern business.