Bracket In-Die Tapping

Dimatic was presented with a challenge by a Fortune 500 company to produce large monthly quantities of a .040” thick galvanized steel bracket that also requires two threaded holes.  The part design appears to suggest a stamping/forming operation, followed by tapping operations for the #6-32 threaded holes.  The print is shown here:

Bracket In-Die 3.png

Dimatic designed and built a progressive die to pierce the five holes, cut the outside contour and additionally tap the two holes.  All of this is done in a single stroke of the punch press, and includes two in-die tapping heads to complete the threaded holes. 

This efficient use of design, tooling and labor saves costs, improves production efficiency and provides consistent quality through the entire process.  Dimatic’s design, tooling and production team has scored again! 

Bracket In-Die 2.jpg
Bracket In-Die 1.jpg

Molded Plastic Spiral

Dimatic was requested to help design and produce plastic parts of a very unique shape by a customer.  The part involves a spiral design with holes through the part which is used in a mixing operation.  It was to be molded from a food grade plastic in several colors.  After considering the customer’s requirements and product application, a final part was designed using Dimatic’s Pro-Engineer* solid modeling software to maximize the efficiency of the part’s mixing capability as well as to produce a part that is consistently injection moldable.    The part desgin is shown here:


Dimatic combined the use of 3-D printed samples, along with viewing 3-D models to work with the customer to design the finished part.  Dimatic then designed and built a two cavity mold for the job.  The HDPE part’s intricate shape requires mechanical cams to core out the center section and complete match-offs on the contoured walls.   Using the 3-d design database and extensive use of CNC (Computer numerically controlled) Milling, EDM (Electrical discharge machining) and Wire EDM technologies, Dimatic’s designers and toolmakers made the product happen.  The mold was built with top quality materials and standards and some of the electrodes and components are shown here:

temp 2.png
temp 4.jpg

Our molding production department produces the parts in many colors and completes the product through a packaging operation which includes a shrink wrapped clear tube.  See sample parts below:

temp 5.jpg

Through excellent communication with the customer on the part’s requirements and the expert use of high-tech design tools, Dimatic met the challenge of this project and brought quality through the entire process including end user packaging.  Dimatic’s design, tooling and production team has scored again!